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Forbidden Ties

Enemy's Keeper Novel series, part 1

The orphaned. The outcast. In a country torn by rebellion, they will rise as heroes.

AD 1075 England

Nine years after the Norman Conquest

Orphaned during a rebellion against William the Conqueror, Heather is thrust into another revolt when her childhood sweetheart disappears to save the son of a murdered Norman knight. 

This quarrelsome son, Matthew, is determined to destroy the English rebels who decimated his household.  Heather stays out of it- until she is accidentally entangled with a young rebel leader named Toby.  Although an Anglo-Saxon like herself, Toby is driven by vengeance against the Normans that she does not share.

As she is whisked off through the forests of medieval England, inhabited by a dangerous but misunderstood tribal society, Heather comes to question her understanding of good and evil.  Her decisions increasingly alienate her supposed allies, and she uncovers the unsettling past of the young man she dreamed of marrying.

The final stand she takes in the revolt will put into peril everything she holds dear.

Written for lovers of a clean, slow-burn romance intertwined with action and suspense. Begin your journey to medieval England today!

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