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Indie Reader Review: 4.7/5 stars!

I am honored to receive such a high rating from Indie Reader!

"Author Kyrie Wang presents historical YA fiction interwoven with nonstop action, nuanced characters, and hints of romance in this riveting series starter."

"Author Wang excels at whisking readers from one action-packed scene to the next, starting from the moment Toby and his English soldiers enter Heather’s windmill in the first chapter. Heather barely has time to catch her breath until the final chapters of the book, giving the story a thrilling pace that will keep adventure fans on the edge of their seats."

"Overall, ENEMY’S KEEPER offers a fun and fast-paced read that will appeal to fans across many genres. Wang has a gift for telling stories from the viewpoint of a sympathetic, multifaceted protagonist who is navigating a complex geopolitical conflict with limited information."

Read the full review here :)

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