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Forbidden Ties

Healer's Blade
(Enemy's Keeper Book 1)
*Previously Released as Forbidden Ties
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"A cleverly plotted, YA historical novel with a strong, likeable protagonist to root for. Highly recommended!"  - The Wishing Shelf

"4.7/ 5 STARS:  ENEMY’S KEEPER offers a fun and fast-paced read that will appeal to fans across many genres." - Indie Reader Reviews

Amazon and Goodreads reviews:

"And this was a great book. I loved the cocktail of genres (historical, romance, and medical), and the writing was precise like a surgeon’s." 

"This is the best historical fiction novel I've read in a long time. I love how this author's style and the small tweaks to actual history match the feel of Stevenson's and Dumas's books."

"A fantastic tale of the complexities of human nature... The characters are all so well developed."

"And can I talk about Aliwyn and Toby! Gosh, they’re so sweet. This was a book with a strong cast of characters all around, but I adore Aliwyn and Toby. They are both so brave and so strong... I loved every second of them, and I think they’re both well-constructed characters with complex struggles. I’m also glad there wasn’t any Insta-love."

"Perfect book for those who love history, fantasy, and strong female protagonists. Aliwyn is a phenomenal, complex character"

"The story-line was full of twists and turns I never anticipated. This is definitely one of my favourite book series. I can`t wait for book 2!!!"

"There was a good amount of suspense, as well as action-packed sequences and some romance. Even for those who may not typically enjoy historical fiction or know much about the era in which the story takes place, it is very accessible and interesting!" 

"Healer’s Blade touches on issues of race and religion lightly and admirably... this early medieval protagonist has no grand epiphany about the shared essence of humanity and respecting all creeds—but she does gradually and subtly come around to judging those she’s with based on who they are as individuals."

"'The sorrow of loss transcended all divisions'... 'No one was a villain in his own story.' These moments made me examine my own thoughts and my interpretation of the actions of people today'"

"Couldn't put it down and I devoured it in a few days. The story is highly readable with lots of unexpected twists in this fast-paced adventure."

"The prose is another thing that I loved, so well written! The fight scenes were flawless and heart-racing, but the moments of stillness and reflection were, for me, what made this novel great... GO READ IT NOW!"

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