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Forbidden Ties

Healer's Blade
(Enemy's Keeper Book 1)

*Previously Released as Forbidden Ties
coming June 2023!
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Reviews for the Original release
(Forbidden Ties)
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Amazon and Goodreads reviews:

"Kyrie Wang's novel, Enemy's Keeper: Forbidden Ties, starts with a bang and never lets go."


"I was completely in aww of this book. These are one of my step out of my normal moments and glad I did! Suspenseful! Page turner! Loved it!" 

"I know I’ve found a good book when I have to negotiate with myself to do my responsibilities instead of grabbing a blanket and curling up with its story."

"Medieval history, justice, freedom, equality and add young romance to the whole the mix, you know you have an exciting read in your hands."

"This is an exciting book, packed with adventure, interesting characters, and romantic charm. I liked the references to healing and herbal remedies. It was hard to put it down, and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next book in the series." 

Editorial Reviews

5/5 STARS: A swirling mix of political intrigue, vivid action sequences, and lighthearted romance makes Forbidden Ties a delight for medieval fiction lovers. Author Kyrie Wang's tale of two people from opposing factions finding themselves forced to work together under extraordinary circumstances is captivating from start to finish. - Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite Reviews (Full Review)


4.7/ 5 STARS:  ENEMY’S KEEPER offers a fun and fast-paced read that will appeal to fans across many genres. Wang has a gift for telling stories from the viewpoint of a sympathetic, multifaceted protagonist who is navigating a complex geopolitical conflict with limited information. - Indie Reader Reviews (Full Review)

5/5 STARS: The characters are well developed, the scenes are described with attention to detail, and the history is well researched. Interspersed between the battles and the growing need to find clarity between what is good and what is evil, romance blossoms with a subtlety that will have readers sitting on edge, wanting to learn more. - Emily-Jane Hills Orford, author of Queen Mary's Daughter, for Reader`s Favorite Reviews (Full Review)

5/5 STARS: I immediately admire historical novels that dive into periods of history that can easily be overlooked, and the years of strife following the Norman conquests – the start of the history of England as we know it – is rife with tales waiting to be told. Kyrie Wang has done a lot of research into this period, and her understanding of it all is evidenced on the pages as the gorgeous prose whisks readers away and into the world of England in 1075... Overall, Forbidden Ties is an excellent story that will appeal to a broad audience, and I recommend it to one and all. - K.C. Finn for Reader's Favorite Reviews (Full Review)

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