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Release Day: 43 Reasons to Read Healer's Blade

🎆🎇🎈🎉 🎊

I'm SO EXCITED for the release of Healer's Blade!!!

It's been such a rewarding journey honing my writing skills, meeting other fantastic authors, and connecting with readers!! Here are some early reviews from ARC readers! My launch team has been phenomenal <3

Grab the ebook for $0.99 for this week only! Or read on Kindle Unlimited :)

Paperbacks also available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon!

Watch my response to my first video review

(I had only 6 seconds at the end because of reel time constraints, lol)

Come meet the characters of Healer's Blade (Enemy's Keeper Book 1)!

Once upon a time, there was an author who wouldn't give up

My debut novel, Forbidden Ties, was released to a whopping 5 newsletter subscribers:

- 1 email that belonged to me

- My mom, who can't read novels in English

- My editor (I think she clicked!)

- Two people I met at the airport 😃 (watch out strangers, this author wanted to talk)

Hahaha... Oh yeah, also 0 sales on release day.

If you told me in March 2022 where I'd be today, I wouldn't have believed it.

And I probably would've started crying. It's that awesome.

To any new authors out there:

Don't give up!!!!! 💪

🏹👑🛡️Grab a copy of Healer's Blade 🏰⚔️🐴


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